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Get Connected With Fast Internet Service Across Alabama

Getting quality Internet service in Alabama is crucial whether you live in a remote rural area or a busy city. Here at A007 Rural Internet, we specialize in providing fast satellite and wireless internet service to residents across Alabama. Our reliable connections help ensure Alabama residents statewide can access the internet for work, entertainment, and communication.
Our satellite and 5G / 4G LTE wireless plans are designed to provide quality Internet even in the most rural parts of Alabama that lack access to cable, fiber, or DSL. We have plans to fit any budget or use case.

Wide Internet Coverage Throughout Alabama

Our 5G / 4G LTE wireless Internet service leverages cellular towers to provide access statewide. If you can get a cell signal, chances are we can get you connected. Even if you have poor cell reception, our included directional antenna can pull in signal for fast wireless Internet.
For satellite Internet access, we rely on advanced satellites in orbit to beam Internet anywhere with a clear view of the southern sky. Obstructions like trees, terrain, or buildings can occasionally interfere, so satellite works best in wide open rural areas.
With both our 5G / 4G LTE wireless and satellite options, we can get you high-speed Internet in Alabama whether you’re in a larger city like Birmingham or Montgomery or off-grid in the countryside.

Quick and Easy Alabama Internet Setup

Getting online through A007 Rural Internet is a breeze. Our 5G / 4G LTE wireless equipment comes pre-configured so you can simply plug it in and connect. No technician installation is needed.
For satellite service, a professional technician will bring all necessary equipment to your home or business, typically within 5 days of ordering.

Reliable Connectivity for Work, Streaming, and More

With A007 Rural Internet, you can enjoy fast Internet throughout Alabama for work video calls, streaming movies, multiplayer gaming, and any other online activities. Our customer support team is ready to help you get connected and answer any questions about your service. We aim to provide quality Internet backed by excellent customer service.
Contact us today to get answers about the best Internet options for your location in Alabama. Our experts make it simple to get fast and reliable Internet anywhere in the state.


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Now offering 5G