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What kind of deals can I find?

You can take a look at our Speeds and Pricing page to see the standard price offerings. We may also be able to offer additional services depending on your area. Be sure to call 888-774-2007 if you express any interest in additional options.

Save big- no installation fee is required for our 3G/4G plans as it is easy to set up and get connected to the Internet. 3G and 4G speeds make use of existing signals from cell phone towers so the only thing required to get your devices connected to those signals is our data card and router combination. You have the option of making use of either Sprint or Verizon towers. Keep in mind that 4G and Unlimited plans are not available with Verizon towers at this time. Sprint towers presently offer the best deals with both unlimited data and high speed 4G WiMax Internet. We also provide booster antennas with all 3G/4G equipment, expanding your coverage substantially. You can bring the antenna around your property to find the best signal if there are any signal issues.

Our experienced technical support team will assist you getting your equipment up and running as well as handle any future issues you have. Our dedicated team weill ensure that any potential issues you may run into will get resolved swiftly and with precision. We can isolate issues you’re having and discover the best solutions. Additionally, we offer support for setting up our equipment such as port forwarding, bridging our equipment and static IP addresses. All of this is included in our regular fees- at no extra cost to you.