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What kind of deals can I find?

Unlimited Satellite Starting @ $49.99/mon and 4G LTE @ $99/mon.

Take a look at our Speeds and Pricing page to see standard price offerings. We may also be able to offer additional services depending on your area. Be sure to call 888-774-2007 if you have any questions about other services we offer.

Save Big

No installation fee is required for our 4G plans since the hardware is so easy to set up and connect to the Internet, and all hardware is free to use as long as you’re subscribed to our service. 4G technology makes use of existing signals from cell phone towers, so the only thing required to get your devices connected to those signals is our 4G modem. We also include a booster antenna with all 4G plans which improves signal substantially, and is especially useful in areas where 4G isn’t normally available.

Once you receive your equipment, our experienced technical support team will assist in getting your equipment up and running, and ensure that any potential issues you may run into will be resolved swiftly and with precision. All of this is included in our regular fee at no extra cost to you.